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A world where the gentle glow of a candle brings wellness and mindfulness into every home.

Where luxury meets purpose, and each flicker of light ignites hope and healing.

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The Path to Self-Love, Acceptance & forgiveness

Join the opulent realm of Opieka Candles, where each flickering flame symbolises a testament to strength and renewal.

By choosing our meticulously crafted creations, you contribute to a movement that empowers survivors of sexual assault.

Together, we can ignite a brighter future for all, as we bask in the warm embrace of transformative light.

What our customers say...

We just moved homes and OMG our rooms smell amazing! Thank you so much!


I was taken back by how good the [signature scent] smell was. Literally the best thing I have ever smelt!


They are way too pretty to burn! I can't! You guys have outdone yourselves!


Honestly smells so good! even after you blow it out the room has the scent of the candle lingering, I love it!!!


These are so cute! I love the designs and details. Thank you so much mwah

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